A powerfull all purpose cleaner with biodegradable surfactants that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces such as Paint, wheels, plastics, upholstery and polishing pads 

Not recommended as a wash soap for regular washing but instead to be used in addition to regular cleaners where greater cleaning power is required – can be used to strip wax off paint prior to paint correction, re-waxing or coating of vehicle


Strong Alkaline solution use carefully! Always dilute with clean water 

General exterior cleaning 1:10

Interior cleaning (stubborn stains) 1:50

Bug splatter and sap removal 1:10

Degreasing of engines 1:4

Removal of detergent resistant wax 1:1 or neat

Always use in a well ventilated environment and use gloves and eye protection. If product comes into contact with eyes or skin rinse thoroughly with water