Rapid cut correction compound



Utilising the latest innovations in abrasive technology, rapidly removes paint defects and wet sanding marks without dustingĀ 

  • Effectively removes sanding marks up to 1200 grit
  • Silicone and filler free
  • Body shop safe
  • Diminishing abrasives that polish to a superb gloss
  • Works great with DA or rotary polishing machines
  • virtually no dusting + long working time


Machine or hand polish – apply 3-5 pea sized drops of product to polishing pad and work a 40cm x 40cm area at a time until polish is completely broken down and surface is starting to reveal a shine

Contains diminishing abrasives that will break down to a very fine grit revealing a crisp shine it is important to work the polish long enough for the abrasives to diminish otherwise the paint may appear dull and for this reason it is also important not to use too much polish a little product goes a long way

For an exceptional shine and finish follow up with Hi Def finishing polish

Suitable for Rotary or Dual action polishing machines with a hard cutting pad

Always use in a well ventilated environment and use gloves and eye protection. If product comes into contact with eyes or skin rinse thoroughly with water


Always shake well before use