Interior Cleanser




Silicone free formula that easily removes dirt and dust from interior surfaces without leaving any shine or residue – Interior cleanser is PH neutral and wont damage or discolour interior surfaces


For interior plastic, rubber and leather spray onto microfibre towel and wipe dashboards, centre consoles and door panels. For leather seats and stubborn dirt spray directly onto brush and agitate dirt before removing with a microfibre towel

Always nourish leather seats with Leather conditioner after cleaning 

 For carpets and upholstery spray directly onto upholstery and agitate with a brush to produce foam, either wipe away with a cloth or preferably suction foam with a wet vac or extraction cleaner 

Dilute 1:20 with clean water

Always use in a well ventilated environment and use gloves and eye protection. If product comes into contact with eyes or skin rinse thoroughly with wate