Instashine – Quick detailer



Engineered to provide a wet look gloss with minimal effort Instant shine is so easy to use while still providing protection and a crisp shine to paint and wheels. With its excellent lubricating properties use instant shine as a clay bar lube or for an emergency clean up such as bird droppings to prevent scratching. Mist on and wipe off after washing to refresh paint and wheels. Excellent for car dealers to remove dust and to give cars that just waxed showroom finish 


Quick detailer Mist on, wipe off with a clean microfibre cloth for a deep shine

Excellent as a clay lube, will provide gloss and protection after clay bar treatment 

Keep in vehicle for emergencies such as bird bombs or spatter

Great as a spray on dressing for engine bays or to refresh tired wheels and plastics

Always use in a well ventilated environment and use gloves and eye protection. If product comes into contact with eyes or skin rinse thoroughly with water