Ultra easy to apply yet a very potent nano sealant providing high levels of water repellency, gloss and protection – Can be used to add an additional hydrophobic layer on ceramic coatings. Exocoat will nourish the coating and provide additional layers of protection without compromising the amazing performance of coatings in terms of shine, water beading and slickness. Even on its own Exo Coat outperforms many more expensive sealants in the market today, its an amazing product that couldnt be easier to use – minimal effort with maximum results


After a wash when paint is clean and dry simply mist on paint and wipe off it couldnt be easier, it is best to cover the entire vehicle before wiping off to allow Exocoat to attach to the paint surface the whole process will take under 5 minutes and provides 4 – 6 months durability

Always use in a well ventilated environment and use gloves and eye protection. If product comes into contact with eyes or skin rinse thoroughly with water

Always shake well before use