All in one polish and glaze



Engineered to restore the brightness and shine to paint by providing defect removal of a polish and a deep wet look shine of a glaze – advanced abrasives remove old oxidised paint and minor defects and a carefully formulated glaze is left behind leaving a crisp durable shine in 1 easy step


Machine or hand polish  – apply 3-5 pea sized drops of 1 step correction glaze to polishing pad and work a 40cm x 40cm area at a time until polish is completely broken down and surface is starting to reveal a shine

Contains diminishing abrasives that will break down to a very fine grit revealing a crisp shine it is important to work the polish long enough for the abrasives to diminish otherwise the paint may appear dull and for this reason it is also important not to use to much polish a little product goes a long way

Suitable for Rotary or Dual action polishing machines with a medium cutting pad

Always shake well before use